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Its believed that the veil between this world and the next is at its very thinnest on All Hallows Eve and that the communication between this world and the next is at its greatest juncture. Come hear what messages are waiting for you from those spirits closest to you from the other side.

How much does this cost you ask? $16 per person. Once we have our 10 registered guests for the hour, we will be full for that hour. Walk-ins are welcome however in case we have no-shows or space left over.

Mike McDowell and the Indiana Ghost Trackers will be present and record any paranormal evidence gathered from spirits communicating. In use will be the Franks box, a device said to relay messages from the dead using radio frequencies and the real Time EVP recorder, which allows us to hear Electronic Voice Phenomena as it comes across.

Although we can’t guarantee that a certain family member or friend will choose to respond to our request on your behalf, we are fairly certain that a number of spirits will choose to have their voices heard and leave their messages to you from the other side.

We will not use Ouija boards and our mediums will not go into a trance. We expect a very laid back enjoyable break were we can hope to hear from some departed friends.

You need to reserve in advance so we can hold a sitting for you.

Bonnie Wells will do private readings and help with an 8 PM Seance. You can sign up for private readings there.

I hope that you can join us for this enjoyable and entertaining event!

Past Mediums have been:

Angie Bober -

Heather Harder -

Olivia Black -



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