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We know what scares you!

We are a team Ghost Tour Guides with years of experience working hard to meet all our clients’ needs and preferences. At Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours, we believe in maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure all the trips we plan and book are absolutely flawless. Are you ready to get going on your next Haunted Trip?



Owner Chaos Tours, Paranormal Adventurer, Prez. Indiana Ghost Trackers

The key to unlocking the history of Northwest Indiana in the most macabre fashion imaginable is through a masterful storyteller. Your guide. Mike McDowell, is just that, a craftsman of storytelling. With his tours paranormal and history blend into fascinating tales that are both informative and chilling. 


Mike as been investigating hauntings since 1997 and began the Indiana Ghost Trackers in August 2000. He's investigated hundreds of locations around the US and conducted ghost tours of NW Indiana since 2001. He has been featured in numerous television productions, news articles, live television and radio interviews. Mike continues to run the Indiana Ghost trackers and has been training people in paranormal investigation since 2001! He's taught classes all across Indiana as well as ghost hunting courses at Purdue University.

Mike is a very experienced public speaker in the region having completed his Gold Toastmasters International certification in 2019. An achievement many in the organization never reach. He participated 5 years within the local Toastmasters club working in officer positions as President, Sargent at Arms and VP of PR and competed in a number of the area speech competitions for tall tales, most humorous and table topics.
(See his Bio page for more information)
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Dark Shores & Midnight Tours

Chris Lincoln is a region Paranormal Investigator and folklorist who has been hunting Ghosts since his teens, before it was trendy to see paranormal reality shoes on television. Chris has been many times over the years to the some of the areas most noted haunted sites and areas of legend and also to national sites like the Lizzy Borden house and Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Inspired by reading many books of the writings and journeys of Author and Ghost Hunter Hans Holzer, and Harry Price, (the Fathers of modern Paranormal research), and a family member who lives in a haunted house where Chris had some paranormal experiences as a youth, Chris knew early on his mission would be to find the truth. Chris also has an uncanny ability to gather good E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Even though not psychic, he is still discovering why EVP activity increases during his sessions. Chris also specializes in tech gear and is always up on the latest instruments and techniques in the Paranormal field. With a background in technical fields and Law Enforcement, he is always a skeptic first, since many so called "hauntings" as he says, can be explained naturally. But if you were to ask him if Ghosts do indeed exist, you would get a firm definite answer!!
Chris Lincoln can be reached at 219-308-5105 or by email at:

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Our Team is ready to give you a great tour of our Haunted Region.

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Ghost Tour Guide The Porter County Terror Tours

Haunted Pub Crawl Specialist; 2022 - Lake County Chiller tours!

Chris McDowell has been ghost hunting with his father Mike since the early age of 10 years old. His first paranormal encounter was at the age of 5 years old in his own bedroom seeing a young woman appear in his room who told him never to tell anyone she was there. She would talk to Chris almost every night. When he told his parents, she appeared one last time and told him that she would never appear again because he told people about her. A few years later Mike found out from the neighbors that a woman was murdered and her body dumped on the vacant lot where their house now stood. Was this .... the murdered womans' ghost? Perhaps it was!

Chris has is own style of tours that he does. Along with sharing the history and ghost stories of the region, its not uncommon for him to break out his guitar and put on a bit of a musical show while traveling down the dark and spooky roads. Chris currently plays with a band called Evil Waves and often an be found playing shows around NWI and the Chicago area. He is the Store GM at the Papa Johns in Valparaiso. Chris has been trained to investigate the paranormal while working with his dad.

Tonya has always been intrigued with death and what comes after. Growing up, she could be found dragging her Aunt and Uncle through cemeteries for hours on end to look at the tombstones. Further intrigued by the fact that she lived near the defunct Manteno State Hospital, she dabbled in the science of ghost hunting. Her first date with her husband was to a cemetery in the Kankakee State Park. Once a regular client of Chaos Trips, she and her husband joined Indiana Ghost Trackers South Lake Chapter. Now into any ghost hunting activity she can find, Tonya can be found dabbling in her photography, and stopping at just about every cemetery she can find, hoping that one day the dead will talk back. Her most recent addiction is old county poor farms, and mental institutions, and of course, the cemeteries that go along with them!

Haunted Pub Crawls and Walking tours of Valparaiso

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Denise Mavity

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Gyl Gauglianone

Haunted Walking Tours and Pub Crawls  of Crown Point and Valparaiso

Haunted Walking Tours and Pub Crawls Crown Point

Haunted Pub Crawls and Walking tours of Crown Point

Since a young age, Gyl has been fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal. Her past experiences include visiting cemeteries throughout Indiana and Illinois as well as personally experiencing a haunting in her own home for several months.   She enjoys bringing her love of history and the paranormal to the tours. 

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