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Since a young age, Gyl has been fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal. Her past experiences include visiting cemeteries throughout Indiana and Illinois as well as personally experiencing a haunting in her own home for several months.   She enjoys bringing her love of history and the paranormal to the tours. 

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 I have been intrigued with the paranormal and the afterlife since my first spirit communication as a child. I began to really delve into paranormal investigating nine years ago and became more focused on spirit communication and the different ITC devices used to learn when and why paranormal phenomena occurs, along with communicating with the afterlife. I love to investigate historical locations and gathering evidence of the spirits that call them home through several different devices. Some places I enjoy investigating are historical and abandoned buildings, farms, asylums, and antiquated cemeteries. A few of my favorite locations I have investigated include Randolph County Infirmary, Ashmore Estates, legendary Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and of course our own Old Lake County Jail!!

Denise Mavity

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