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We talk about a lot of the EVP we capture at these haunted places during the tours. Here are a few of the ones we play and mention on our tours.


"He was Innocent" Captured at the Old Courthouse in Crown Point by Renee Graham.


 "Everett Daniels, USA Army" at old Jail Museum in Valparaiso by Mike.


Alcatraz: "I Win!" by Mike


 "Alright" Taken at Maplewood Cemetery in Crown Point by Mike.


"Paul Benner" Porter County courthouse investigation.


"I'll take you to him" Kaksee home during Indiana 105 radio broadcast in 2006. Charlie is the brother of Wilhemina. he had lived next door to the property. We captured EMF readings and a strange photograph at the same time this recording was taken.


"Shut the H--- up!" Valparaiso Old Jail Museum


"No .... I don't trust him". Vigo county historical society in the parlor room.


"Jesus doesn't want me". Taken at Ricco D's going up into the attic during the filming of Dead Whisper.


"You're welcome sweet Sophia".  Taken at a Richmond Indiana Museum. Response it to Renee. She is confused with a "Sophia" by the ghost. Chilling!


"Heaven Melted away... do you feel that ... GO". French Lick hotel outside of room were a woman was murdered and her husband committed suicide on their wedding night.


An interview Mike and IGT members had with the ghost of John Wayne Gacy (TV show Conversations with a serial killer) Wendy Deiotte asks the question about sexual fantasies. Response: "Equal".


Another EVP from the above interview. Shannon Simpson is asking him about his mother making him wear women's underware to school. Response: "that's right ... you got it ... mommy"



 Note: All EVPs are the intellectual property of Michael McDowell and may not be used for any other purpose (other then for listening to here) without express written consent.

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