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Specializing in Haunted Bus Tours of Northwest Indiana
Just minutes from Chicago!

Join us for chilling and informative tours lead by Mike McDowell, Founder, President & CEO of the Indiana Ghost Trackers. Mike has over 15 years experience in doing haunted tours of NW Indiana and over 20 years experience investigating many haunted locations around America.
Visit real haunted sites from restless hitch hikers to ruthless gangsters to crime scenes, murder, mystery, myths and urban legends.

The amazing events of Northwest Indiana history have left traces of themselves for us to explore. On the fringes of Chicago, Northwest Indiana has a rich history and many areas easy to visit. There are many areas that are commonly visited by ghost hunters which display mysterious and paranormal events occurring at a regular basis!

Join us as we visit these tragic sites and decide for yourself if they are truly haunted or just tales of merely myth and folklore.

The real research of ghost hunters combined with lively storytelling will make for an exciting and enjoyable evening for everyone.

Private Tours: Times, pickup locations and stops can be altered for any private tours! Any size group. Rates vary by group size. Please email us for a rate sheet if interested in a private tour.

Tour sites will have a variety of stops. There will be an opportunity to get out of the bus and take pictures at a few of these locations. The tour is partly done by bus with some limited walking involved. Most tours will consist of 8 - 12 haunted locations plus a number of ghost stories from the area, Ghost Photos, EVP demonstrations, use of real ghost hunting equipment on the tour and much more!

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We are a team Ghost Tour Guides with years of experience working hard to meet all our clients’ needs and preferences. At Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours, we believe in maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure all the trips we plan and book are absolutely flawless. Are you ready to get going on your next Haunted Trip?

Denise Mavity

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Since a young age, Gyl has been fascinated with ghosts and the paranormal. Her past experiences include visiting cemeteries throughout Indiana and Illinois as well as personally experiencing a haunting in her own home for several months.   When she was 12 years old she stayed overnight at her friends house and watched as a little see-thru girl walked into her room in the middle of the night humming a tune. As Gyl sat up in her bed and the little girl turned and looked right at her and held up her finger making a "shush" sign against her lips. The little girl then walked through the wall. Gyl has been hooked ever since!


She enjoys bringing her love of history and the paranormal to the tours. 

Paula Honeycutt

Haunted Midnight Tours Guide/ Cemetery Crawl Guide

I have been intrigued with the paranormal and the afterlife since my first spirit communication as a child. I began to really delve into paranormal investigating nine years ago and became more focused on spirit communication and the different ITC devices used to learn when and why paranormal phenomena occurs, along with communicating with the afterlife. I love to investigate historical locations and gathering evidence of the spirits that call them home through several different devices. Some places I enjoy investigating are historical and abandoned buildings, farms, asylums, and antiquated cemeteries. A few of my favorite locations I have investigated include Randolph County Infirmary, Ashmore Estates, legendary Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and of course our own Old Lake County Jail!!

Our Team is ready to give you a great tour of our Haunted Region.



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