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Hi, Mike.  Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed going on the tour last night.  The "extra" stories told added to the fun of the evening.  We will definitely be going on another tour with Chaos!
Jacquetta Finnegan 


October 15th, 2011

Hey mike, last nite was a good time on the pub crawl.  Thanks for your hard work, randy and Karen williams 


Here's what a few of them had to say from our Old guest book 

 Oct 03, 2009

Carol Farkas:

This was the first ghost tour I have ever attended and it was with the Indiana Ghost Hunters.  When I took this picture in a cemetery, I know there was nothing in front of me.  At the same time I took it, there was someone else with a digital thermometer getting cold spot readings.  This is what hooked me on ghost hunting.  Thanks Mike.
Carol Farkas
(See the picture under the Photo Galley, Past Tours 1).




my wife and i were part of the overnight 13 in valpo and we ended up with renee as our investigator and we got a suprise guest in yourself and hung out with us all night. i just want to say thanx the whole night was awesome and question is where is your next meeting and can i attend and join your group. thanx emery.



Marie Mosher:

Hi Mike,

I went on the bus tour last Sunday and really enjoyed it. Thanks for a good night.




Dave K:

Went on the "Pub Tour" November 1,2008.

I had a great time, met some nice people.

I have never done anything like this before. Mike is a great story teller...he know the history of the places we visited. very interesting. I will be going again! Thanks for a great evening!




First time we've ever been on one of your tours. We will be back! We had a great time and loved hearing all the stories, too!




Hi Mike,
We were on the Dark Shores tour last night. My husband ,Larry, my daughter and her boyfriend; there were 4 of us. First time we've ever been on anything like this... We had an awesome time! George was very interesting and informative and the bus driver was sooo nice, too! Thank you for sharing the ghosts of Indiana with 4 people from Illinois! We will be back!
Im emailing you and George some of the photos we took also. I think you will find them interesting.


Hey mike loved the tour. I seen you last night at the zombie and ozzy show. I did't speak with you cause zombie was going onstage. I see you love good artist too. Rock on and keep the dead alive!!! Can't wait for the next chaos trip.



deb :
We were on the 10/29 tour of So. Lake Cty. Had a great time & experienced my first paranormal voice so distinctly as did my sister. I did not know she also heard it till she told me exactly what I heard. We were in the old court house in Crown Point. Thank You to the Ghosttrackers.



Loved the bus tour, see you again!



Bus Rider:
Thanks for the bus ride. :-)



Tony :
LOVED the tour can't wait to go on another. A night I will never forget.



felicia paprocki:
last ghost tour was awesome will see ya on october 27th for the tour



Awesome tour! Will be back for more!!!



T. W. :
I went on a tour last year and it was AWESOME!!!! Great local history mixed with local ghost lore. A very interesting night and we all enjoyed ourselves, THANKS!! Looking forward to talking one of your other tours this year, can't wait!!!


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