Cemetery Ghost Hunting Tour(Dates TBA)


Come with us through Spooky Haunted Graveyards and other haunted locations as we show you how to use ghost hunting equipment!

This is a real hands on Ghost hunting type of tour where we do EVP, shoot video in Full Spectrum, and watch closely for paranormal activity at these very active locations! EMF meters, IR thermometers and much more available for use on these tours by our guests! All for only $20!

Will this be the moment that you come face to face with Ghostly visitors from beyond the veil?

Location: We will meet at Val's Famous Pizza in Chesterton at 7:00 (6 PM if you wish to eat first). Leaving promptly at 7 PM. We will visit a nearby cemetery and at least one other local very active haunted location. Both places have given a significant amount of EVP, EMF spikes, sightings, odd odors, etc.

Be prepared for an fun night ghost hunting! The Cost is only $20 per person!

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