Crown Point Jail Midnight Special


Stay the night with us and investigate the Old Jail of Crown Point Indiana! We'll use ghost hunting equipment and see what evidence of the paranormal we can find in the dark old cells of Crown Points Old Jail! Mike will tell you the history and guide you through the mazes of hallways in a search for its ghosts.

EVP will be conducted and Mike will analyze some of the EVP on site using sound analysis programs on his computer. You can watch and be a part of the analysis if you would like or continue investigating. 

You have the opportunity to use this as a training class in ghost hunting at a unique and very haunted location! Group sizes are limited to allow more one-on-one time with Mike and fellow trained investigators on site.

You have 4 hours to find the ghosts or Crown Points notoriously haunted prison and all in darkest hours of the night! $40 per person. Limited to 15- 20 people.

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